Peers and peer supporters!

We’re doing a podcast, and we have two podcasts in the can. Booya!
Tackling the most uncomfortable truths. Thus far we’ve taking swipes at narcissistic personality disorder (second podcast) and a bunch of introductory waffling (first podcast).

For our third podcast we’ll be exploring PTSD, self-stigmatization, and self-care. This one is going to be a rough go, and just like our first two podcasts, there is plenty of room for laughter and tears . . . most laughter though. Like our Laugh It Off program, if we can laugh at the horrible stuff in life, it takes away some of the power that horrible stuff has over us.

We’re looking for guest speakers for the podcasts so if you have any ideas or topics you want to explore, give us a buzz.


Be well, one ad all!

Steve, Sarah, and Ryan