Opinion: COVID-19 & The MacGuyver Challenge

This article originally appeared on Steve’s Thoughtcrimes.

Yesterday I challenged folks to stop bitching about Trump and, for that matter, all worthless political noise … just set aside partisan bullshit and focus all energies on helping your community instead.

To this solution, my physicist friend and I (a geochemist) have been developing a renewable personal filtration mask that can be easily constructed using everyday consumer items … items that haven’t been wiped out in panic buying and items readily available and items difficult to wipe out in panic buying.

Heck, I can mine one item from a quarry ten miles from me. And it’s ready to use straight from the ground.

We have three really great ideas, the most viable being one that relies upon a microwave oven and a rotating collection of reusable hydratable tectosilicates.

Here’s the objective:

1.) Identify a strained community need.

2.) Create the solution.

3.) Share.

We’re calling this “The MacGyver Challenge.”

What are some other community needs?

– Childcare for working parents while the schools are closed.

– Food and supply delivery for those who are self-quarantined for their health and safety.

– Entertainment!

– Opportunities for people to connect because isolation is dangerous for many.

– Ways to keep our community economy strong.

It’s important to understand my mate and I are doing our project open source. What’s the point of a community pandemic solution that isn’t altruistic? If you know the advocacy stuff I do, this makes perfect sense. Same idea.

My friend and I have our solution underway. The MacGuyver Challenge awaits one and all!

P S. – My physicist friend is 80 years old. My Dad is 80 years old. My friend hates Trump. I nothing Trump.

Rock on.

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