My friend the Cat Apologist sent me this as “proof” and “evidence” of cats are superior and if not then you’re stupid.

Citations? This “study” sounds like the same ilk of baseless self-serving fortune cookie logic Facebook denizens use to justify overt Trump hatred (racist racist racist!!!) and bad science rhetoric (climate climate climate!!!). And in this case, cat apologists making excuses for being a cat apologist.

Similarly and conclusively, those credentialed professionals in the behavioral health community claiming lofty authority via the premise “Because Professional Studies Show” WITHOUT providing validating professional citations are the epitome of the appeal to false authority. It’s the same psychological construct that helps Lebron James peddle a Kia and 50 Cent convince you Vitamin Water is the finest way to quench your thirst.

Unsubstantiated scholarship at behavioral health meetings holds the same scholarly sway as “I’m not a doctor but I play one on TV.”

Simply stringing soothing words together, creating a meme, and posting it to Facebook doesn’t make it valid and true. Cat apologists do not have the gift of effective reality. Nor do those with credentials sitting at the same table with peers.

I’m the one with the mental health symptoms. These meetings are important. It affects me directly. My interest is immediately vested. I’m not prepared just to take your word for it. Proove yourself to me. Thank you.

Kindly reprinted with permission from Steve’s Thoughtcrimes.