Song Motivation to Show You The Way through Peer Support

By Patrick Byers-Smith

Back in 2005 Rich Ward of Stuck Mojo and Fozzy had released a solo album under the alias The Duke,  entitled “My Kung Fu Is Good.” Unfortunately many radio stations, here in New Mexico overlooked this album,  as one of our CPSWs (Certified Peer Support Worker) used to work with his label at the time.

That CPSW being Patrick Byers-Smith. ” A lot of  music industry people have done peer support for each other, before becoming recognized. Too many of my musiciansare often uninsured and can’t make copays to see a therapist. This song is dedicated to you brothers and sisters. This is one of my motivations to do Peer Work and gets me motivated to start my day. It’s called Show You The Way by The Duke.Recovery Is Possible!”

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