We are often asked if it is allowable to observe our peer support groups, such as course requirements for a university master’s program.

Yes. With a few simple guidelines:

  1. You participate in group as a member and not as a provider, student or interested community representative.
  2. You identify yourself as an observer and for what you are attending our peer support group (such as a student fulfilling a class requirement, a provider interested in understanding their patients better, or a public servant in the behavioral health field).
  3. You DO NOT take notes or record the support group.
  4. You DO NOT mention anyone by name outside of group.
  5. You respect our implicit confidentiality by not referring to any specific story details shared by fellow members.
  6. We are all equal.

We do have a simple interview with our volunteer board, so please contact us prior to attending. Also, if any peer member is uncomfortable with your attendance at the support group, we will need to coordinate for another time you may attend.

Your professor/instructor must contact us prior to your attending to explain the program and answer any relevant questions. There is also a $10 fee for each group attended. This fee can be waived in certain circumstances.

Please email your request to sutstigma@gmail.com or info@standuptostigma.org.