DBSA Albuquerque “Laugh It Off” stand up comics performed at the Turquoise Lodge Hospital in Albuquerque on May 31, which is the perfect way to close off May and Mental Health Month here in New Mexico. It’s also the perfect way to introduce DBSA Albuquerque’s “Laugh It Off” comedy education program to the Albuquerque communities.

Comics Marion Crouse, Dennis Gray, and Steve Bringe delivered moderately amusing jokes about their own life experiences, highlighting that even the most traumatic events in our recovery journeys can be pretty darned hilarious when told in the proper way.

The folks in the audience responded incredibly positively to our comics’ comedy sets, and what’s great is that the audience asked a ton of truly superb questions about many of the same topics we talk about in Monday and Thursday Support Groups, as well as talking to each other and learning that there are things common to our life experiences and that we’re not all alone in recovery and wellness. The importance of peer connection and power of peer support is integral to DBSA Albuquerque “Laugh It Off” comedy education program.

DBSA Albuquerque thanks Jackie West from Turquoise Lodge Hospital for the invitation, and we hope to continue offering our brand new “Laugh It Off” community education program at Turquoise Lodge.

Stay tuned… our comics are poised to tell their life story/jokes many places around Albuquerque throughout June. Join our DBSA Beacon newsletter for the latest scheduling for our comedy gig. This is an excellent way to learn more about mental health from peers who are excited to tell you about through the magic of humor.

We are recruiting new peer comics for “Laugh It Off”. If you would like more information about the “Laugh It Off” education program, how to get involved, and how you can bring our comics to your community, please contact Steve Bringe at: