After many years of being the identifying logo for the DBSA Albuquerque chapter, the “Turquoise Trail Zia Logo” is being permanently retired.

We are exceptionally thrilled to introduce our new official chapter logo provided by DBSA National!

The “Zia” logo was designed by a DBSA Albuquerque board member many many many years ago to help align our chapter with the rich New Mexico culture as a way of “branding” our chapter with a recognizable local symbol. In New Mexico, our vast peer communities came to know DBSA Albuquerque by this logo.

DBSA as an international organization of over 700 affiliated chapters brings together peers, families and friends under the common ideal “We’ve been there. We can help.” Peer support in understanding and solidarity is essential, and that includes DBSA Albuquerque being recognized as part of the wonderful extended family of DBSA chapters.

DBSA Albuquerque, in cooperation with DBSA National, is opting to use the DBSA Albuquerque logo provided to help New Mexico peers feel as if they are part of our larger world community, that our challenges and triumphs are shared with peers beyond our state borders.

So, while many of our most cherished longtime members shed a few tears over our chapter’s decision, we are officially retiring the DBSA Albuquerque “Zia” logo.

Of course, DBSA Albuquerque is not a graphic symbol, it is a community of peers. Our strength is being a community of peers who share with each other and care for each other.

Thank you, “Zia” logo! You have served us well!