The STS Headspace Shitshow is the mental health podcast all other podcasts aspire to be.

If you’re looking for inspiration and empowerment, we invite you to step to the mirror and see just how inspirational and powerful you already are. Because you are. Yes, you are.

If you’re looking for interesting, irreverent, and insightful commentary from the peer perspective then you’re tuning into the perfectly proper place. We’ve got observations and opinions, noodling and nonsense, and wisdom and wit. Let’s not ruin it with spoilers. Enjoy the Headspace Shitshow!

Episode the 8th: Monday In-Person Group is Here!
Episode the 7th: Victor’s Vector.
Episode the 6th: Scouting the Wilds with Scout.
Welcome to the Rechristened Headspace Shitshow!
Episode the 4th: Amanda, Party of 11.
Episode the 3rd: Steve’s Story.
Episode the 2nd: The Language of Stigmas.
Episode the 1st: Intro to the Stand Up To Stigma Podcast.